Short film festival

The 5th Bingöl International Short Film Festival, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Bingöl Governorship, Bingöl Municipality and Bingöl University and organised by the Anatolian Culture and Art Assembly Association since 2018, continues to bring together film artists and young filmmakers who are experts in their fields. This year's short film festival, which will be held on 17-19 November within the scope of the "International Honey Council and Fair", will feature the theme "Bingöl Tells Itself" in the category of documentary and fiction films, unlike previous years. The festival, directed by director Ahmet Bikic, will award cash prizes to the films to be determined by the main jury. During the short film festival, interviews, workshops and film screenings will be held with directors from different countries. In the festival, which aims to bring together disadvantaged groups of Anatolia with art with the understanding of art for everyone, the road map of the cinema language of our country will be revealed while examining the phenomenon of domestic cinema.