Our Mayor


(Mayor of Bingöl)

Bingöl University has made us proud by effectively promoting Bingöl Honey and our city to both our country and the world with its studies. It has made significant contributions to our beekeepers and our province by ensuring the promotion and branding of Bingöl Honey throughout the country and the world. In addition to being a flower honey that has received a national geographical indication registration, Bingöl honey is the first honey of our country to apply for a Geographical Indication before the European Union. The contributions of Bingöl University, which is the pilot university in this proud picture, are great.

 Beekeeping sector has a very important share in the economy of our province. It is important to promote our city, which is one of the most important centres of the beekeeping sector with its geographical location and rich flora, on national and international platforms. Undoubtedly, holding the International Honey Council and Fair in Bingöl, the land of Şehr-i Bal, is a great opportunity for the promotion of both our province and Bingöl honey, which has proven its quality in the national and international arena.

Within the scope of the Honey Council and Fair, another important organisation that we, as Bingöl Municipality, also support is the "5th Bingöl International Short Film Festival". The short film festival, which is a great gain for Bingöl and our country, brings together many artists and art lovers from Turkey and abroad. Our Short Film Festival, which brings the excitement of the white screen to the streets of Bingöl, reveals the beautiful adventure of Anatolia intertwined with art and the longing of the people for art. Hopefully, the products of our cinema labourers will be experience, horizon and hope for our province, our country and especially for our youth.  İnşallah sinema emekçilerimizin ürünleri ilimiz, ülkemiz ve özellikle de gençlerimiz için tecrübe, ufuk ve umut olacaktır.


As a stakeholder and participant of our Council and Fair, we will be happy to see you in Bingöl, the land of honey.