Our Governor

Ahmet Hamdi USTA

(Governor of Bingöl)

Dear participants; Bingöl University continues to add value to Bingöl with various events organised every year. The International Honey Council and Fair, which will be organised by our university this year, is of great importance in terms of honey production and consumption in our country. Bingöl has a unique geography for honey production with its natural beauties and rich vegetation. As a matter of fact, Bingöl Honey, which has certified this with the national geographical indication it has received and whose fame exceeds national borders, has the distinction of being the first honey of our country to apply for a Geographical Indication in the European Union. The Honey Council and Fair will provide a platform where producers can come together and share information and experience, and where important steps will be taken for the development of the sector.

Thanks to the Honey Council and Fair, which will bring together honey producers, students interested in beekeeping, academics, sector representatives and other interested parties; an active communication and interaction environment will be created, the problems and needs of producers will be shared, and solution suggestions will be reported. Another important aim of the Council and Fair is to ensure that Bingöl becomes a brand in honey production and consumption. It is aimed to provide the necessary training and support for producers to produce quality honey, and to carry out studies for the marketing and branding of products. Therefore, the quality and reliability of Bingöl Honey, its contribution to the local economy, and its national and international recognition will increase.

Another important event to be held within the scope of the programme is the "5th Bingöl International Short Film Festival". The short film festival, which will be held for the fifth time this year by the Anatolian Culture and Art Assembly Association with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Bingöl Governorship, Bingöl Municipality and Bingöl University, makes important contributions to our country's achievements in the field of cinema, academic studies and festival culture. I strongly believe that our short film festival, like the beauties created by every activity related to art, will have wide resonances in our aesthetic and thought world, will set an example for more different activities, bigger projects and enrich the art memory of our city.  

I hope that the Honey Council and Fair, which will make significant contributions to the promotion of Bingöl's natural beauties, culture and honey production activities, will be realised efficiently for our province and our country.