Our Vice President

Dr. Cevdet YILMAZ

(Vice President of the Republic of Turkey)

Turkey's century will be shaped by peace, stability and sustainable development. For sustainable regional development, beekeeping is a valuable agricultural activity with its contributions to human health, production and national economy. With its rich flora and geographical features, our country ranks first in the world in honey production. We attach importance to supporting conscious initiatives with sustainable production methods and climate-friendly practices in beekeeping.

We encourage the development of the beekeeping sector within the scope of the "Regional Development Oriented Mission Differentiation and Specialisation" programme. Strategic policies for honey and honey by-products produced in Bingöl's unique nature are developed with the perspective of regional development and specialisation under the leadership of Bingöl University. Long-term policy recommendations are needed in many aspects from productivity to exports, from branding to the protection of native species in beekeeping. In this context, it is admirable that Bingöl will host the International Honey Council and Fair, which will bring together experts from Turkey and abroad. I believe that the outputs of the council and the fair will be guiding in terms of sustainable beekeeping activities and regional development.

Under the strong leadership of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, we will continue to support agriculture, including the beekeeping sector, as a strategic area in Turkey's Century.